Pak-China school-enterprise cooperation initiated to promote talent for CPEC

CPEC school-enterprise cooperation

To promote talent for CPEC, Pakistani students met with Chinese students to initiate school-enterprise cooperation among Chinese and Pakistani students.

Pakistani students of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) communicated with members of China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. (CHNG) International Talent Training class at the Training Base to take the initiative of school-enterprise cooperation among Chinese and Pakistani students. According to a report, the initiative aims to promote talent for CPEC.

University and the enterprise of the two children have jointly initiated long term cooperation that will provide talents for CPEC.

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China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. (CHNG) on the occasion presented the general situation of their development in the international market, analyzed several CPEC electrical engineering projects, and answered the students’ questions.

Muhammad Nasir, a Pakistani student, said, “CPEC and school-enterprise cooperation between CHNG and NCEPU have provided lots of opportunities for Pakistani youth. This contributes not only to electricity but also intellectual talents to Pakistan. We have got a chance to devote ourselves to our country and CPEC.”

Pakistan faced an acute shortage of electricity since 2006-7 for a long time that can be called the worst crisis, said Mishkat Jan, Ph.D. of Electric Power Engineering, a Pakistani student who took part in the activity. He added as Pakistan is in need of energy to overcome the existing deficit that is why CPEC allocated a major proportion of its funds to energy generation and transmission.

“Many power projects including wind, solar, hydroelectric and coal under CPEC, contribute significantly to the sustainable growth of industries and unhindered electric supply for domestic consumption in Pakistan,” Mishkat added.

Moreover, Sahiwal Project is the first large-scale coal-fired power station under CPEC in which CHNG has been involved in construction to operation.

The Pakistani students participated in the activity on October 22nd. After graduation, they can participate in the recruitment of college graduates of CHNG.

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