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Over 600,000 visited 7 tourist destinations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in five Eid holidays

Eid tourist destinations

More than 600,000 people enjoyed their Eid Holidays in the seven main tourist destinations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly Malakand and Hazara divisions.

The provincial government announced holidays for the post-Ramazan festival from May 2 to May 6.

According to a statement issued by the tourism department, the police and Levies check posts, Galiyat Development Authority, assistant commissioner’s offices, and Kaghan Development Authority showed that on the first Eid day, almost 24,140 people visited seven tourist spots, including Malam Jabba, Galiyat, Upper Dir, Kalam Valley, Lower and Upper Chitral, and Kaghan and Naran.

Almost 20,000 people visited the Galiyat region on May 2 while 18,000 on May 3. Visitors to Kaghan and Naran totaled 7,500 on the second Eid day, as per the data.

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May 4 noted the entrance of over 100,000 tourists in the province while Malam Jabba and Galiyat received 25,000 tourists each. The maximum number of 27,000 tourists went to Upper Dir, while 13,500 people stayed in Kaghan and Naran tourist destinations during the Eid holidays.

Moreover, on May 5, more than 200,000 people visited those tourist spots with Upper Dir receiving the greatest number of 100,000 visitors followed by Malam Jabba at 85,000, Galiyat at 60,000, and Lower Chitral at 20,000.

Kalam in Swat district and Kaghan, and Naran in Mansehra district received 12,500 visitors each.

On Friday (May 6), almost 240,300 visitors visited Malam Jabba making the highest arrival tally of 110,000 followed by 65,000 in Galiyat, over 24,000 in Kaghan Naran, and 14,000 in Upper Dir, 15,000 in Kalam Valley, and 11,000 in Lower Chitral.

Meanwhile, the tourism department applauded its officials and relevant district administrations for facilitating tourists in the Eid holidays and said a 24/7 helpline guided visitors continuously.

The department insisted that visitors from across the country call Helpline 1422 prior to leaving for KP to get information about travel.

Besides, the Kohat residents enjoyed their Eid holidays in the nearby Orakzai district, popularly known as paradise on earth.

Major tourist throngs were fascinated by Khwaja Khizar, Tirah, and Kalaya areas.

While, in Abbottabad district, Galiyat and Thandiyani tourist destinations recorded a huge arrival of visitors during Eid days. Though, most tourists complained about the high prices of food and other items.

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