Norwegian company to establish waste to energy power plant in Pakistan

Norwegian company to establish waste to energy power plant in Pakistan

It has been reported that Norwegian delegation held an important meeting with Lahore Waste Management company to establish an over 40MW waste to Energy power plant. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of Lahore Waste Management company Atif Chaudhry on Tuesday. Other members of LWMC including CEO Ali Anan Qamar, Deputy secretary development Shahid Latif Director PPDB Amir Butt and representatives of Norwegian company attended the meeting.

LWMC chairman Atif Chaudhry said in the meeting that Norwegian company will have a preliminary survey . In initial stages the company will plan 40 to 45 MW of electricity for which it will invest 300 million dollars in waste to energy project.

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20 million tons of waste will be used from Lakho Der landfill site to generate energy. He said that purpose of this project is to provide the citizens with clean environment and to facilitate them with modern technology.

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Chief Minister of Punjab will be briefed about the project on Wednesday in meeting. Waste to Energy project will help in reducing the pollution from environment. The chairman said that this project will provide job opportunities to at least 2000 people.

Pollution is a great issue and such projects can be of prime importance. However, to reduce the pollution it is important for all the citizens  to take the responsibility of reducing the pollution by managing waste properly.

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