Government cuts overseas MS/ Ph.D. scholarships by 57.3%

Government cuts overseas MS/ Ph.D. scholarships by 57.3%

Due to depreciation of Pakistani Rupees the cost of studying abroad has increased which has led the government to drastically cut the percentage of MS / PH.D overseas scholarships.

According to official documents, an amount of 22,214.578 million was allocated for a project named ‘overseas scholarships for MS/ PH.D’ in selected fields and it will be completed by 2027.

The project was initiated in 2018 and aimed at providing scholarships to 2000 candidates of MS or PH.D but due to depreciation in Pakistani Rupees vis-a-vis US dollars the cost of studying abroad has increased and thus the scope of project is reduced to offering scholarships to 854 candidates. The allocated amount is same, but the unit cost per student is increased. The number of PH.D scholarships is decreased from 1800 to 711 students and for MS the scholarships are reduced to 143 from 200.

At the time of initiation of this project US Dollar was equal to 112 Rupees and it has now reached over 225 rupees. It has also been decided that 200 scholarships are proposed for higher education on a priority basis in countries with well-reputed Engineering Technology Universities like Germany, Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, and the UK to develop requisite teaching faculty for the country’s Technology Universities.

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Award of 75 scholarships (40 PH.D and 35 MS) under the 75th national independence scholarship scheme to be offered from this project. Also, candidates selected under “Advanced Skills development through International Scholarships (ASDIS)” will also be adjusted under this scheme.

Applicants may be allowed to enroll/secure in any MS/MPhil Engineering/ Technology program. Categorization of Attached (2/3) and Unattached (1/3) scholarships may be omitted for General Scholarships.

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