Nimra Ali’s fun energy video is the mood we need in 2020

Nimra Ali video

Nimra Ali’s energetic, funful and mood-lifting video is going rounds on the internet these days. The girl expressed much enthusiasm in just 2 minutes that she could not control her excitement and her super cute video has got everyone talking about her.

Everyone’s childhood wishes include to be the part of some TV show or meeting some celebrity where everyone can see us on Television but this girl even in her young age is living her childhood days and says that she always wanted to appear in camera where everyone could see her and that today she finally got the chance.

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The whole internet is posting about her and praising her enthusiasm and innocent wish.

The 2 minutes Nimra Ali’s video is an excerpt from the city 42 program which was posted on twitter with the caption, “this video will make your jaw hurt, too much excitement and happiness in just 2 minutes.”

On which hundreds of people have commented, one of the netizen’s posted, “This is as much energy as any one person can possibly have and it is so refreshing to see someone talk with so much joy, confidence and enthusiasm. These are the sort of people that light up the whole room when they enter and i hope she always stays the same.”

“Ahhahaha what a pleasant thing to watch. May your spirits grow you little sweetheart! Thank you @Tooba_Sd for sharing this”

“Nimra has to be the only good thing about 2020 so far ?
All hail Nimra! ? ? ”

“Loved the host for being such a gem and listening to all her stories w such a big smile we need more people like her and nimra. This was toooo cute”

People are even calling Nimra Ali’s video to be the best part of 2020 as this year had been drastic for many and her extreme happiness and cuteness is lauded as the best thing that happened this year.

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