New world record set for third most expensive car number plate sold

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At the first ‘Most Noble Numbers’ charity auction, a number plate sold for 3.5 million Dirham, thus became world’s third-most-expensive number plate.

The number plate “AA8” was auctioned for a staggering Dh35 million (173,284,774.08 Pakistani Rupees).

Special car plate numbers and premium mobile numbers were auctioned off during a fundraising event in Dubai.

The 1 Billion Meals initiative raised Dh53 million in total. Food will be provided to underprivileged populations in more than 50 nations as part of the charity initiative.

The region’s major distribution drive, according to organizers, has obtained almost 340 million meals in its first 15 days.

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Emirates Auction, in cooperation with the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA), initiated a campaign that offered an additional 53 million meals to those in need.

The double-digit Dubai car number plate F55 was up for auction and sold for an astonishing Dh4 million. V66 was another car plate that sold for Dh4 million, while Y66 sold for Dh3.8 million.

Meanwhile, the AA9 plate number was sold for Dh38 million at an auction last year.

Fancy Mobile numbers

The Diamond+ mobile number 0549999999 was purchased for Dh5 million, while the Diamond numbers 0569999995, 0569199999, 0569999955, and 0565566666 were sold for Dh150,000, Dh75,000, Dh35,000, and Dh160,000.

0581111113 was sold for Dh140,000; 0589999991 was sold for Dh140,000; 0586666663 was sold for Dh100,000; 0581333333 was sold for Dh145,000; and 0586333333 was sold for Dh200,000.

Registration Number ‘1’

The record-breaking price of £7.25 million was paid for a number plate. Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, an Abu Dhabi property tycoon, bought it in 2008. ‘I bought it because it’s the best number,’ he later explained.

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