New web portal launched for Women’s Rights and Laws

New web portal launched for Women’s Rights and Laws

In order to improve coordination amongst all provincial caucuses and to disseminate information on women’s laws and their legislative activities, the Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) has created a web portal. The National Conference of Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, which was held in Islamabad was hosted by the WPC under the Pakistan Institute of Parliament Serves (PIPS), saw the unveiling of the “Women’s Rights and Laws” portal.

According to a press release, the web portal would connect the women’s caucuses of all four provincial assemblies, as well as the Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir Assembly, and would provide comprehensive information on laws and policies proposed by and geared toward women.

Speaking to the Women’s Rights and Laws portal gathering, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Speaker of the National Assembly, said that women’s emancipation was essential for the development of the nation.

The NA speaker acknowledged the importance of women in helping the nation advance but asserted that without women’s participation in politics, business, and the legal system, development would remain a bizarre concept.

He continued by saying that women had always struggled tirelessly to make long-lasting changes in the lives of other women and that they had always been crucial in forging inter-provincial ties.

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The speaker praised Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s tenacity and said that during her time as the nation’s 11th and 13th Prime Minister, she had been a shining example of a strong woman.

She was the first Muslim woman, he claimed, to head a democratic administration.

Alfred Grannas, the German ambassador to Pakistan, has stated that Germany supports women’s empowerment since it is essential to long-term sustainability and the development of peaceful societies for women to participate in decision-making.

Senator Sana Jamali applauded the efforts of the National Assembly Speaker and the WPC Secretary in promoting communication between the Federal and Provincial Assemblies in order to highlight the significant role that women legislators play and to collaborate to advance the status of women throughout the nation.

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