NCOC issues guidelines for Muharram gatherings

Muharram gatherings

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) issued guidelines for Muharram gatherings under the Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) to contain the pandemic. 

On Tuesday, Special instructions for managing activities during the holy month of Muharram amid 4th wave of coronavirus has been issued. 

The NCOC guidelines underlined that all Muharram gatherings and processions would be held under Covid-19 SOPs. 

  • Use of face masks, social distancing, and thermal screening during religious processions will be ensured by the administration of that event. 
  • Private gatherings at homes will be discouraged. Sanitizers and masks would be provided at the venues of the gatherings and processions. 
  • The Muharram gatherings would be held in ventilated and open spaces.  
  • Coronavirus SOPs will be prominently displayed during the rallies and processions throughout Muharram. 

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Ban imposed on several clerics in Islamabad during Muharram gatherings

Moreover, the district administration has banned the entry of several ulema and zakirs in the capital to maintain peace in Muharram during which over 1,000 processions and majalis are scheduled to be held in the city. In addition, activities of some local ulema have also been restricted. 

According to the issued notification, “In the current security environment of the capital coupled with the threat perception of terrorism, it is apprehended that any breach in law and order due to sectarian violence may be used by terrorists as an opportunity to achieve their objectives.” 

Officials of the administration and police said 181 processions were scheduled in the capital from Muharram 6 to Safar 19. Out of these, 14 processions have been put in category ‘A’, 95 in category ‘B’ and 72 in category ‘C’. 

The category ‘A’ processions will be taken out in the limits of the I-9, Sabzi Mandi, Aabpara, Karachi Company, Golra, Secretariat and Khanna police. Likewise, 122 of the 965 majalis have been put in category ‘A’, 418 in category ‘B’ and 425 in category ‘C’. 

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