Natural gas reserves discovered in Kalat, Balochistan

gas reserves discovered in Kalat

Pakistan Petroleum Limited has discovered huge gas reserves that are up to one trillion cubic feet in Morgandh X-1 in Margand Block, Kalat, Balochistan.

Pakistan is among those countries which have been facing the energy crises since long. Due to energy crises, Pakistan’s economic condition could not be strengthened. The present discovery of gas reserves is a big achievement by PPL which may change the economic condition of the country.

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The geologists are of the view that Pakistan is gifted with many such gas reserves and the fate of the country could be changed. Natural gas is found all over the world and Pakistan’s position in the gas reserves is 29 in the world. The experts of the gas and petroleum opine that Pakistan has about 19 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves.

The gas reserves discovered by PPL in Kalat are the biggest after Sui. According to the petroleum experts, reserve for natural gas refers to the mega deposits of natural gas underground. These reserves are usually smaller than coal reserves but larger than oil reserves.

The use of gas in Pakistan is around 1590904 million cubic feet. Pakistan contributes .28% of natural gas in the world. Besides the recent discovery of gas in Kalat, Baluchistan is highly blessed with other natural resources like oil and minerals. The present government is serious in getting rid of the energy crises as the country imports 80% of its energy requirement from abroad which is itself a big burden for the economy of Pakistan as far as financial resources are concerned.

The country is badly indebted and the recent pandemic has also created a big financial crisis. But keeping in view all the circumstances, Prime minister Imran Khan is determined to discover more energy resources.

The statement of the federal minister for energy, Umar Ayub Khan is also alarming that the upcoming winter the crises of the gas could be intensified. Although his statement is not new of its kind as the people of Pakistan are used to hear and read such statements when winter approaches but no government has even been so serious in resolving the energy issues as the present government seems to be.

As far as the present demand for the gas in Pakistan is concerned, that is approximately 6 billion cubic feet natural gas per day (Bcf/d) and the gas production at present is 4 billion cubic feet therefore to meet the shortfall, the government is banking upon the import of LNG.

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