Nationwide petrol supply suspended as fire erupts at Keamari oil terminal

Keamari petrol fire

KARACHI: Petrol supply to all over the country is temporarily suspended from Karachi due to a fire erupted at an oil depot in Keamari.

All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association publicized that they are suspending all kinds of petroleum products supply across the country after an oil terminal at Keamari (Karachi) caught fire.

According to the senior Vice Chairman of Oil Tankers Association Shams Shahwani “We have suffered massive losses due to the fire,” in addition to this matter he said we have evacuated the terminal and all the tankers also have been removed from the depot momentarily to avoid further loss.
“We will assess the situation after the fire has been extinguished and then decide on restoring the supply,” said Shahwani.

Four injured in Keamari fire

According to rescue teams, the situation is now under control and during the high inferno, four people have suffered injuries in the incident. The supply of petrol and other petroleum products was suspended countrywide due to the Keamari fire.

Prior to this, Muqadas Haider the Senior Superintendent City Police stated that they had managed to halt the flames from spreading more.

According to the police officer he stated that “We have called in more fire brigade tenders”.

Meanwhile, the traffic coming towards Keamari was jampacked and traffic police diverted the traffic to other routes by placing containers on the roadside leading towards the port.

According to Pakistan Navy officials, the Navy also dispatched its ten members team towards the incident and Pakistan Navy fire tenders are also taking part in this operation.

Please note it’s a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

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