NADRA pairs with 1Link to turn 17,000 e-Sahulat outlets into ATMs


A new e-payment system has been launched by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) after it concluded a partnership agreement with digital payments solution provider 1Link that is expected to be the solution to all electronic payment and cash needs. 

According to the media reporters, this achievement resulted from NADRA’s association with 1Link, the leading and most fully accredited payment gateway system in Pakistan. 

The two organizations have joined hands to establish and manage an electronic payment system that will expand upon the already successful e-Sahulat brand owned by NADRA. 

As a result of this collaboration, NADRA will transform more than 17,000 e-Sahulat locations into full-featured ATMs that also provide a wide-ranging selection of electronic payment options. 

In addition to performing fund transfers, public-to-government (P2G), government-to-public (G2P), cash-ins and cash-outs, and public-to-public payments (P2P) payments, these outlets will also be able to handle other financial operations. 

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Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik and 1Link CEO Najeeb Agrawal penned down the contract on Monday at the organization’s headquarters. 

During to the signing ceremony, Malik stated that NADRA has been working hard to improve e-governance by empowering organizations from the public and commercial sectors through its digital services. 

Moreover, in response to this development, Chairman NADRA claimed that one of Pakistan’s most cutting-edge digital services for financial payments is NADRA’s e-Sahulat facility. 

“We are enhancing state capacity to deliver digital public goods and move towards electronic financial transactions for transparency and accountability. This would enable financial inclusion as well,” he added. 

With the help of the cooperation, more than 17,000 e-Sahulat locations operated by NADRA will be able to quadruple the capacity of more than 16,500 1Link ATMs nationally. 

Chairman NADRA further said that the digital platform would soon be available in rural Pakistan as well, facilitating students to continue their education while earning money to cover their tuition. 

In addition, the platform will make it simple for customers to deposit and withdraw money. 

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