NA Speaker Asad Qaiser addresses virtual Pak-UK Education Gateway conference

Asad Qaiser Education Gateway

While addressing the International Virtual Conference on Pakistan-United Kingdom Education gateway through video link, Tuesday in Islamabad, Speaker National Assembly, Asad Qaiser said that substantial allocation of Rs 160 million had been made as an investment in our youth’s development through the knowledge economy.

He said that the government was fully committed to the cause and aims to generate an educated workforce, build empathy and tolerance, and rapidly improve Pakistan’s positioning in the global market.

Feeling the impacts of the launch of great awards and British council STEM schemes this year, the speaker appreciated it and said that this program will largely impact the education and skill development in Pakistan.

Remembering the time when he was Speaker Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, he greatly admired the role of the British Council team which kept the connection alive and made the provincial government able to scale the wound full work around school, skills, universities, governance, and capacity building of senior leaders.

The Speaker greatly admired the role of the British Council to support skill sector development. He said, “I am sure that this program will help create pathways between the higher education and skills sector and ultimately benefit our young talent which we are proud of.”

The speaker of national assembly appreciated the wonderful job done by the British High Commission and the British Council Pakistan in coordination with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in creating opportunities for improving higher education, research, and development.

The speaker emphasized the importance of the area of science and research for solving the problems of today and tomorrow as this is the way to make the world worth living.

He also admired the joint working of the British Council and Higher Education Commission on the 9-Million-pound project, he said “Your work deeply impresses me and I feel proud of the achievement of the Pakistan and United Kingdom Education Gateway and its rapid response to uncertain times of 2020.”

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