Monthly stipend of Rs 3,000 for girls, Rs 2,500 for boys under Waseela Taleem program

Waseela Taleem

After the fruitful results of other educational scholarship programs, the government of Punjab proclaimed to give a monthly stipend of Rs 3,000 for girls and Rs 2,500 for boys studying in government high schools under Waseela Taleem program.

The media reported that the Punjab government has also provided consent to the Department of School Education to come into a treaty with the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

The basic project of PTI will offer stipends to students across the country’s largest province. Secondary students (students of the 6th to 10th class) in government educational institutions will acquire these aids.

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Moreover, students studying in private schools are illegible for these monthly stipends and it will be given only to the students studying in government schools.

Regarding Ehsaas Waseela-e-Taleem Programme, it has set a mark of registering an additional 1.75 million students within the current year. This programme will have one million primary classes, 500,000 secondary classes, and 225,000 higher secondary students.

Under the project of Waseela-e-Taleem, the government provides cash grants to children from the poorest families on the attainment of 70% attendance in school.

Moreover, the major aim behind the digitization of the project is to enhance primary school enrolments and minimizing dropouts.

Around 700,000 students would get the benefit. In this regard, the government has planned to allocate Rs 5 billion worth of funds for the project in the next fiscal year. 

The reforms in the programme include end-to-end digitization of a number of processes, which were previously managed manually. 

Additionally, staff use apps that have been developed to register children and monitor compliance. Cost-effective changes in the institutional infrastructure were developed in order to grow the programme nationwide.  

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