MG Revealed Pakistan’s Most Affordable SUV MG ZS Price


Morris Garage (MG) Motors revealed the MG ZS price which makes the crossover compact SUV the cheapest SUV in Pakistan. The MG ZS is priced at Rs. 4.1 million. This is the ex-dealership price. 

The company said that the pay order must be computerized, as the company does not approve handwritten pay orders. In addition, CNIC is necessary for a person’s name reservation. In the meantime, the following documents are important for a corporate reservation: 

  1. Purchase order on the letter head 
  1. NTN certificate copy 
  1. Company stamp required along with authentic signature 

Moreover, Rs. 2 million Partial Payment for booking is required. The provisional arrival of the car is in April 2021. 

With a very promising entry into the Pakistani market, MG Motors has definitely grabbed the interest of potential SUV buyers. It has attracted local consumers’ attention since the company launched its MG HS. The company reported last week that it had sold 1,000 MG HS SUVs in Faisalabad only. 

Features of MG ZS (International)

MG ZS is manufactured by Chinese automaker SAIC under MG brand. The MG ZS SUV comes in three variants internationally, however the Pakistani market will have the 5-speed Manual with 1.5 litre VTi-tech non-turbo engine which produces 141Nm torque and 106hp. The other variants of MG ZS SUV are 6-Speed Manual and 6-Speed Automatic. 

These are the noticeable features of 1.5L variant (Internationally)

  • Cruise control with speed limiter 
  • Bi-functional LED headlights 
  • Fog lights 
  • Real parking sensors 
  • Panoramic sunroof 
  • Tire pressure monitoring system 
  • 10.1-inch infotainment 
  • 17-inch diamond cut allow wheels  

The MG ZS looks a lot like the MG HS. Both are compact urban-drive SUVs. But there is a major difference: while the ZS is more affordable, the HS is a luxury SUV. It has a lower price than the MG HS with less intense characteristics. 

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