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Meet Sania Munif, the girl who runs a goat farm in Sindh

Sania Munif

Sania Munif is the only girl in Pakistan who runs goat farm while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. 

A 19 years old girl, Sania shared her dreams to raise goats that has become reality. She now manages to run the farm while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. “I’ve always been fond of animals. Thanks to my father’s love for animals, there have always been pets like horses, dogs, and snakes in our house… there was a time when we had a lot of pets and we had to move them to another place,” she recalled. 

According to Sania, this year her farm has roughly about 650 goats up for sale ahead of the Eidul Azha festival. 

However, she started talking about her journey as a farm girl, she was doing her O’Levels then. She eventually developed an interest in raising gulabi goats after seeing a YouTuber from Sindh rearing them.

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“At first we reared different breeds but then I saw gulabi goats on a YouTuber’s channel, and I got myself two – they’re a more expensive breed,” shared Sania Munif, whose farm is teeming with gulabi goats now. 

Sania further shared that she prefers gulabi goats over other breeds or crossbreeds because they are more playful and more attached to their owners. 

Furthermore, she shared the selling process of her cattles after raising them so lovingly. Sania Munif said that once the goats are ready to be sold, they have 5-6 months left at the farm.  

She added that the farm rears goats in bulk to be sold and that she has her own five that are not for sale. 

“I have about five goats right now that are my own to play with and pet. Two of them are absolutely not up for sale… so those that are my own are kept separate.” shared Sania Munif. 

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