Meera jee is penning an autobiography

Meera jee autobiography

Meera jee announced that she is writing everything of her life events in an autobiography.

There is nothing new about Meera Khan doing something different or controversial. Pakistan usually hears of Meera’s self-praise and her some oddball doings that take the whole internet by storm.

Sometimes, there we find her controversial scandal, and then her English language mishap happens, “bullets are running on the road” is no new dialogue that compels everyone to laugh hard. But, this time everyone got in shock when Meera jee announced the writing of her autobiography where she will mention the events of her life. This claim left everyone speechless, there is nothing hidden to anyone of her life as she is very outspoken of her daily activities.

She posted on her Instagram account that she will be working on her autobiography which will finally reveal many things that are hidden in her life, wait! What? Is there anything left that is hidden to us?

She mentioned in her post, “One of my library picture lifetime picture legends in one frame India 2003 Taken this picture when I was in Bombay I start writing chapter 1 chapter to chapter 3 my life story I’m enjoying writing I’m enjoying so much writing deep down parts coming soon my book my life who I am why I am.”

‘Who I am, why I am’ is something real. It shows she is going to mention every single event of life that will completely reveal her.

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