Massive traffic jams as around 80,000 vehicles entered Murree in last two days


The Murree tehsil administration has issued a travel advisory, encouraging travelers to check weather forecasts and traffic conditions before visiting the hill station Malka-e-Kohsar (Queen of Hills).

The latest travel warning was issued after intermittent heavy snowfall attracted a huge number of tourists to Murree, according to Assistant Commissioner Murree.

Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Omar Maqbool visited various roads and squares of the city, including Jhika Gali Chowk, and reviewed the flow of traffic.

Tourists can acquire the most up-to-date information on the area by calling the control room at 051-9269016, the Assistant Commissioner’s office at 0321-3219221, or the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Murree, at 0321-5615668.

In an emergency, he stressed, the Traffic Police number 051-9269200 could also be used.

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The city’s intermittent snowfall has drawn a significant influx of visitors, finding it challenging for the local authorities to keep up with the surge.

Murree has a parking capacity of roughly 35,000 vehicles, yet almost 80,000 vehicles have passed through in the last two days.

He stated that the administration and traffic officers were on the site to accommodate tourists.

Tourists are advised to maintain low air pressure in their vehicle’s tyres and prevent parking in the middle of the road to take selfies and photos.

To keep traffic flowing, he advised citizens to respect traffic laws.

He stated that an increased number of traffic wardens were stationed at all significant points under the supervision of inspectors to assist tourists and regulate traffic flow.

He went on to say that the administration and traffic police were working hard to provide tourists with as many amenities as possible.

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