Making world record of devastation, US with highest single-day coronavirus deaths

US record deaths

It was another devastating day for the coronavirus pandemic in the US yesterday, setting a new record with more than 3,600 deaths yesterday alone and a quarter of a million new coronavirus infections.

Last day, 250,173 Covid-19 cases have been recorded which is the highest figure so far. Whereas, 3,561 deaths were recorded on the same day. More than two lakh cases are being registered daily in the USA for the last ten days.

The USA is the only country in the world that has been drastically affected by the lethal virus. The number of coronavirus patients has exceeded 17,717,836 in the country while those who died of Covid-19 are 319,218.

Texas, 1,540,991 cases of covid-19 have been recorded while 25,146 people have died of corona there.

Florida comes at third number in the USA where 1,155,335 patients of corona have been registered while the deaths in this state are 20,204.

California is the most affected state in the US and also saw record 379 coronavirus deaths where 1,714,939 cases of corona have been registered so far 21,883 patients have died in the same state.

New York comes at the fourth number as far the number of corona patients is concerned. Here, 844,340 cases of corona have been recorded but the number of death is the highest in this state which is 35,945 so far.

In Vermont, only six thousand and nine cases of Covid-19 have been recorded while only one hundred and five people died of the lethal disease so far.

Moreover, American Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the vaccine, developed by Pfizer and BioNTech jointly and the supply of the same has been started.

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The first shots of the vaccine were administered on Monday, and another vaccine, made by Moderna, has been given approval on an emergency basis Thursday night. Both were highly effective in preventing Covid-19 in clinical trials.

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