LUMS under criticism for sexual misconduct and harassment cases


Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) came under criticism on Twitter when a number of women came forward with their own experiences of emotional abuse, misconduct, and harassment they had to face while visiting the university. Some serious allegations of rape were also made.

The majority of Twitter users showed support to the women who suffered their unbearable and stressful experience on the university campus. The women’s story got viral when they were retweeted and shared by the public on social media starting on Twitter and then on Facebook as well.

The students and locals started a campaign regarding university policy to tackle these kinds of situations but university management has not yet taken any noticeable action against the scandal. Those who leveled the allegations reportedly include current and former female students of the university.

LUMS is one of the top highly ranked Pakistani universities, which caught itself in a fee hike controversy a few months back due to the increase in fee structure while there was the coronavirus pandemic. Although, the university came forward to address and negated the news with details, and the matter got solved.

Twitteratis exposed the LUMS harassment scandal

Recently a private university dismissed some students and imposed a heavy penalty on students who were involved in sharing memes against the university faculty. University is also going to strip down the degree holders students if they did not make an apology in written form.

As for the misconduct and sexual harassment case, the university came up with an explanation that the women were outsiders and the university was unable to pursue the case further.

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