Lockdown in Sindh till Aug 8 after alarming rise in COVID cases

Sindh lockdown

Amid rising covid cases in Sindh, provincial government has decided to impose lockdown all over the province till 8th August. 

On Friday, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah of the coronavirus task force, chaired a meeting in which it was decided to impose an immediate lockdown in Karachi till August 8. The provincial ministers, medical experts and representatives of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) were also present in the meeting.

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For the first time, parliamentary leaders of political parties were also invited to the COVID-19 task force meeting. Besides this, the Sindh Ranger DG was also invited. 

In the meeting, the Sindh health department proposed a two-week lockdown to the task force, while medical experts had proposed a two-week ban on inter-city transport. Meanwhile, a proposal was also made to close all educational institutions and educational activities for two weeks. 

Moreover, the NCOC has decided to take all possible measures to assist the Sindh government in combating the rising trend of coronavirus in the province, especially Karachi. However, the National Command and Operation Centre did not agree with the idea of a complete lockdown in Karachi and the head of the NCOC, Asad Umar, said that closing the entire city for weeks is not a cure.   

On the other hand, the Sindh government said that it does not care what the federation says and that the only immediate solution to bring down virus cases was a lockdown. 

Key decisions in the Sindh coronavirus task force meeting regarding lockdown

The lockdown goes into effect from tomorrow. Here are some of the key decision that were made: 

  • Government offices will be closed from next week. 
  • Those who do not get vaccinated will not get their salary after August 31. 
  • Vaccination cards of anyone on the streets may be checked. 
  • The Export industry will remain open. 
  • All markets in the province will remain closed. 

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