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Local consortium proposes to develop Tanjeel, Reko Diq gold, copper mines

Tanjeel Reko Diq

A local consortium, National Resources Private Limited (NRL) has proposed to the Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company (BMEC) on an unsolicited basis to develop the Tanjeel reserves first and then the vast Reko Diq copper-cum-gold reserves. 

Reko Diq mine, which is situated near Reko Diq town in Chaghi District, Balochistan, is one of the largest copper and gold mine in the world. It has estimated reserves of 5.9 billion tons of ore grading 0.41% copper and gold reserves amounting to 41.5 million oz.  

Arif Habib, Yunus Brothers, Mari Petroleum started the mining company in Balochistan

Recently, National Resources Private Limited (NRL), a joint venture company including Arif Habib Equity (Private) Limited, Mari Petroleum Company Limited, Liberty Mills Limited, Reliance Commodities (Private) Limited, Y.B. Pakistan Limited, and South Western Mining (Private) Limited presented a comprehensive proposal with all necessary documents to Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company (BMEC) on an unsolicited basis to develop the Tanjeel reserves first and then the vast Reko Diq copper and gold reserves.  

The official resources of Mines and Mineral Development, Balochistan confirmed on Sunday that the Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company (BMEC) has received a proposal from NRL. The Chief Executive Officer of the NRL, Shamsuddin A.Sheikh told that the salient feature of the proposal has been presented to BMEC Board during the introductory presentation.  

He said, “The province of Balochistan has a significant role to play in the development of Pakistan and its economy. Through the development of Tanjeel and Reko Dip reserves under Public-Private Partnership, the NRL is hopeful that it can usher in a new era of progress in this region, the project will have a complete social uplift package for the entire area in addition to the development of mining sector.”  

He added that they have also requested the BMEC Board to permit NRL to carry out further investigation of the mineral resources and the energy and water resources which would be required for the expeditious completion of the project. 

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