Latest Ranking: Pakistan Has One of the Worst Passports in the World

Worst Pakistan Passports

Pakistan passport is listed as one of the worst passports in the latest ranking for the world’s most powerful passports. The Pakistani passport is among the bottom ten in the latest rankings.

Passport Index ranked Pakistan at the 70th position with a score of 38 among 193 United Nations (UN) member countries.

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With the latest rating by the Passport Index, the Pakistani passport holder will be able to travel to 38 countries without a prior visa requirement. Moreover, the Pakistanis have a visa-free entrance to 8 countries as they need a visa on arrival.

As per the latest rating, the first country that eradicated the coronavirus pandemic from their land is New Zealand and they received a score of 129 which makes New Zealand passport the world’s most powerful passport. The New Zealanders do not need to get a visa for 86 countries, meanwhile, 43 countries offer them a visa on arrival facility.

In addition to it, Austria, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland are on the second spot in the list as they have the mobility rate of 128.

Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, and Canada are sitting in the third spot; however, Denmark, Portugal, UK, Netherland Lithuania, Norway, Iceland and Canada are in the fourth position.

The powerful country United States did not manage to grab a place within the top 10 list, mainly due to its travel restrictions imposed following the coronavirus pandemic in the country. At the moment, the USA is ranked at 21st place in the passport ranking.

Pakistan is among the bottom 10 passports and at the bottom of the list are Afghanistan and Iraq as both countries have a visa free service and visa on arrival to 31 countries.

“Despite the high volatility of passport power throughout the past year, Passport Index has updated passport rankings in real-time, displaying the true effect of the pandemic on passport rankings.”

Latest Passport Rankings

  • New Zealand with a score of 129
  • Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Japan, Australia (Score 128)
  • Finland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France (Score 127)
  • Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, UK, Canada (Score 126)
  • Malta, Slovenia, Latvia (Score 125)
  • Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Liechtenstein (Score 124)
  • Slovakia (Score 123)
  • Cyprus, Croatia, Monaco (Score 121)
  • Romania, Bulgaria (Score 120)
  • San Marino, Andorra, Uruguay (Score 115)

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