Kisan Portal launched for farmers to help them adopt new agriculture techniques

Kisan Portal

Prime Minister Imran Khan has unveiled the ‘Kisan Portal,’ which will offer small farmers in the country a forum to readily bring their problems to the attention of authorities. 

The Kisan Portal has been linked into the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP), and a new category of ‘farmers’ has been introduced to the PCP, according to details. Under the Kisan Portal, 123 dashboards have been developed in relevant federal and provincial departments. 

PM Imran said at the launch that Kisan Portal will play a key role in providing support to small farmers across the country and resolving their issues. 

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Previous governments have failed to alleviate the difficulties faced by small farmers and have taken few steps to address them. 

He went on to say that the current government will educate farmers so that they may use new techniques and technologies to increase crop yields. 

Meanwhile, government is also currently working hard to ensure that small farmers get a fair price for their crops. 

It has already taken a number of efforts before the Kisan Portal to assist the country’s small farmers. The Kisan Card scheme, for example, will provide direct payments to 8.4 million small farmers. They can also use the Kisan Cards to get their sick relatives treated at any government hospital.  

Furthermore, the prime minister emphasized the importance of developing new climate-resistant crops that can endure the effects of the country’s changing climate. All research organizations, he said, should take steps to generate indigenous seeds. 

He went on to say that small and large dams are being built all over the country, which will help Pakistan’s agricultural development considerably. 

The premier also contended that the country has a lot of lands but nobody thought to work on building reservoirs and dams in the past.

“Big dams are being built after 50 years. We are building dams and you will see we will give more water to farmers. It can also stop the destruction from floods,” the PM said.

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