KIA Picanto, Sportage and Stonic prices increased

KIA prices

The impact of the recently passed mini-budget is becoming apparent. Automobile manufacturers are raising their pricing. Suzuki took the lead, while others also followed. Following the introduction of new prices by Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda, KIA Lucky Motors Pakistan has also increased their car prices. Check it out.

KIA Picanto Prices

The two 1000cc KIA Picanto models currently have 2.5 percent Federal Excise Duty (FED) under the mini-budget. Their new prices are as follows:

Picanto 1.0L M/T                                                        Rs. 2,186,000 up by Rs. 136,000

Picanto 1.0L A/T                                                         Rs. 2,292,000 up by Rs. 142,000

KIA Sportage Prices

The three KIA Sportage models now have a 5% FED applied to them, and their new pricing are as follows:

Sportage Alpha                                                            Rs. 4,764,000 up by Rs. 114,000

Sportage FWD                                                             Rs. 5,276,000 up by Rs. 126,000

Sportage AWD                                                             Rs. 5,788,000 up by Rs. 138,000

KIA Stonic Prices

The two KIA Stonic models have a 5% FED as well, and their new pricing are as follows:

Stonic EX                                                                       Rs. 3,975,000 up by Rs. 90,000

Stonic EX+                                                                    Rs. 3,750,000 up by Rs. 95,000

KIA Sorento

The FED on the KIA Sorento has also raised to 10%. However, the pricing of the Sorento have not been changed by the company. In actuality, KIA will preserve the limited-time deal on the Sorento and attempt to sell it for Rs. 7,499,000. (for both variants).

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