Jibran Nasir warns users after his WhatsApp account got hacked

Jibran Nasir

Pakistani politician and civil rights activist Jibran Nasir shared his scary experience of how his WhatsApp got hacked and has warned social media users to beware of the scam messages from their friends or family’s fake accounts.

He took to Twitter and posted, “My WhatsApp got hacked today and I don’t have access to it anymore.”

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“Few friends of mine have reported the same issue. Please beware of any strange message asking for a code even if sent by a known contact,” he warned, asking his friends not to accept any messages from his WhatsApp as “a hacker is using it now”.

Jibran then shared how he got Whatsapp hacked:
“Got a msg on WhatsApp from my cousin’s number to send him a code as he mistakenly gave my number. Checked my SMS and saw I received a code from a number which has sent me notifications of different apps in the past. Thinking its genuine, I sent a code to my cousin [and] got hacked.”

Nasir’s hacked WhatsApp is a warning for all users to stay alert as hacking social media application is no more difficult in this technology era.

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