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Japan to provide Rs 33 million for development projects in Pakistan

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The government of Japan has taken the decision to give grant assistance up to $189,204 to three NGO development projects in Pakistan.

Rehman Foundation, True Worth Foundation, and Dir Area Development Organisation (DADO) are the recipients that will implement the projects.

The grant agreements were penned down between Wada Mitsuhiro, ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, and representatives of the three organizations at the ambassador’s residence in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Rehman Foundation will receive a grant of $65,800 to install eight dialysis machines in the Islamabad Dialysis Center run by the organization to toughen the operational structure of dialysis treatment.

The project will help the dialysis patients to take the treatment on regular basis at minimal cost, thus easing the financial and physical burden on them.

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Ambassador Wada gave the three organizations his heartiest congratulations for getting grants from the Japanese government. He expressed his hope that these development projects by government of Japan would help to meet elementary human needs and increase the social well-being of Pakistani people.

The Japanese government will always support the socio-economic progress in Pakistan at the grassroots level by mutually working with local NGOs through grant assistance.

Moreover, a grant of $62,199 (around Rs 10.8 million) will be given to True Worth Foundation to put in computed radiography, an ambulance, and a generator in Al-Wadood Hospital run by the association in Islamabad to deliver quality medical services to local people at reasonable prices.

By the installation of computed radiography, the hospital can easily perform PCR testing and detect many more diseases.

Due to the ambulance, the operational and outreach capacity of the hospital in emergency situations will also be improved.

Meanwhile, Dir Area Development Organisation (DADO) will get a $61,205 grant to build a micro hydropower station in District Upper Dir, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to supply low-cost, reliable, and environment-friendly electricity to local people.

It will make them use ceiling fans in the summers and heating appliances in winter. Besides, children will also be able to get an education under an appropriate illumination level.

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