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Islamabad ETD to deploy E-Tags to monitor Vehicle Theft

Islamabad ETD E-Tags

Car theft is increasing day by day and authorities are bringing in new changes to handle the situation in the capital city. Islamabad Excise and Taxation Department (ETD) has decided to implement E-Tags for automobiles. In the E-Tag feature, there will be a coded ID number that will be pasted on the vehicle number plate or on the screen of the car.

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According to reports, the ID number will also be inserted into the Excise Department own database in order to synchronize the identification number with E-Tag. These E-Tags will help Excise officers to locate and identify the taken vehicles through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

Islamabad ETD E-Tags to stop car theft

Bilal Azam the Director of Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad upon the implementation of E-Tag facility said,
“Going forward, the department shall also issue an E-Tag along with the vehicle’s number plate, which will be stamped either onto the windshield or the number plate itself. This tag shall entail the entire information of the vehicle against its coded identification number. The road-checking teams shall be given the RFID readers”.

Director Azam further added, “these devices shall help verify the entire information of the vehicle as it passes through the check-post, as to whether or not the taxes and token of the vehicle have been paid for or if the car is registered or not. Furthermore, if there’s any update made in the vehicle information in the database, the same update would automatically be synced with the RFID number in the E-Tag”.

The Director ETD further stated that the change of E-Tags is a step towards the Digital Pakistan initiative, it will not just help us to reduce car theft activity in Islamabad but also help by generating revenue for the Excise Department.

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