Investing in science and technology can address problems plaguing Pakistan economy

Pakistan investing technology

Prof Atta-ur-Rahman participated in a webinar to address “Research and Knowledge Economy-Role of Universities: Challenges and Opportunities” and shared that investing in R&D, science and technology can help the tormented economy of Pakistan .

The webinar was hosted by Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) in which more than 30 public sector universities’ heads participated. Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman who was the former Chairman of Higher Education Commission and current Chairman of PM Taskforce on Science and Technology said that “Universities are the source of creating ideas and tech-related solutions in order to solve economical problems facing by country at the moment. These advanced solutions and ideas are at the focus point of the country’s knowledge economy”.

Dr. Atta also highlighted that every university must concentrate on refining their research and research applicability. 

Investing in Science and Technology will prosper Pakistan

Moreover, Dr. Atta further added regarding the country’s progress in research and development. “We are lagging behind the world in research and development, it is our duty to follow the best practices from countries that showed progressed such as the US and China. The only solution to the country’s plaguing economy is investing in research, science, and technology”.

Pakistan with a huge potential in creativity and talent

Dr. Atta also said that Pakistani universities have huge potential in terms of talent, ability, and ideas generation but in order to get benefit from them, we need to streamline and modernize ideas into sustainable solutions to help eradicate economic issues.

Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid the Chairman of PHEC also addressed the webinar and revealed that PHEC contributing towards the knowledge economy by increasing the capacity of faculty staff, researchers, management by training activities, seminars, funding for different conferences, and allowances for international tours.

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