Instagram announces closure of separate IGTV app


Instagram, the Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform, has declared that it will phase out its separate IGTV app in favour of keeping all video in the main Instagram app.

Officials from the app have stated that they are removing the separate application IGTV in order to make video finding and creation as simple as possible. According to a blog post published by the app, any video in the main app will include a mute button as well as a full-screen viewer.

Later this year, the firm will launch a new ad experience on their platform that would allow creators to earn money from advertising featured on their reels.

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With its long duration and vertical videos, the IGTV programme was introduced in 2018 to rival with YouTube. The main Instagram app also marketed IGVT content heavily, with videos in the explore area, previews in stories, and the main feed.

In 2020, Instagram deleted the button that directed users to IGTV, claiming that few people utilized it.

Despite the fact that Instagram has stated that IGTV will be discontinued, the company is still driven to invest in the video format. The blog post announcing the closure of IGTV was headed “Continuing our video investment on Instagram,” and last year, Instagram’s CEO stated that the programme is no longer a photo app, and that it is instead pursuing competitors such as TikTok and YouTube in an attempt to become a general entertainment platform.

Since then, Meta has paid up to $35,000 in prizes to creators who publish Reels, while the main Instagram app has received a slew of new video capabilities.

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