In a major development, govt planning to start wheat imports via Gwadar port

Gwadar wheat

The government is looking forward to importing wheat via Gwadar in collaboration with Gwadar Port Authority and National Food Security Division, promising to usher in a new era of business, commerce, and trade vibrancy at Gwadar port. 

According to the sources, important developments were discussed during a high-level meeting between Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Chairman Naseer Khan Kashani and National Food Security Division Secretary Zafar Hasan. 

Chairman GPA Naseer Khan Kashani called the willingness to import wheat using Gwadar port a new milestone, citing wheat imports will spur up trade activities in Gwadar. “It will also boost employability when the bustling activity gets underway, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled man force will be required to handle the entire scale of work.” 

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In a bid to materialize the wheat import to take feedback of stakeholders, GPA Chairman has also decided to hold a consultative meeting with local investors and the Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry soon. 

Meanwhile, National Food Security Division Secretary Zafar Hasan remarked “we are giving serious thought to importing a bigger part of our wheat quota using the useful channel of Gwadar port for the first time.” 

He added that more thought-provoking meetings are scheduled to be held to pursue several insights into the merits of wheat import via Gwadar. He expressed hope that National Food Security will be ready to make things happen at the earliest. 

Moreover, the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is taking concrete steps to make Gwadar city into a major tourist attraction for local and foreign tourists. In this regard, GDA will soon prepare a “comprehensive tourism strategy” for Gwadar tehsil and adjoining areas while proposals from national and foreign experts and firms have been sought by the authority. 

GDA officials said that the authority intends to invite professional and eligible companies to participate in the bidding process for “Preparation of Comprehensive Tourism Strategy for Gwadar Tehsil and its adjoining areas”. 

Besides, numerous business opportunities for investors in businesses related to recreational, leisure, and entertainment activities will be created if the initiative runs successfully. 

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