Only 50 ventilators in 3 hospitals of Rawalpindi

hospitals of Rawalpindi

A cumbersome situation is emerging due to the daily record number of Coronavirus patients. It has been found out that there are only 50 ventilators in 3 hospitals of Rawalpindi.

The rapid transmission of coronavirus in Rawalpindi is leading to problematic conditions. The hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and many hospitals are suffering from lack of resources from day one to fight the pandemic. The problem is even more aggravating as a substantial number of doctors and nurses have lost their lives due to the COVID-19.  

Out of 50 ventilators, 21 are present in the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology, 15 exist in Benazir General Hospital and Holy Family Hospital has 14 ventilators. Due to the increasing number of critical corona patients, 50 more ventilators will be required in hospitals of Rawalpindi in the coming days along with space and staff, including doctors and nurses, which seems to be an unmanageable task for the hospital administration.

According to Dr. Muhammad Umar, the Vice Chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University, the staff is failing to operate the 100 ventilators and if 50 more are not added to the present quantity, many patients will lose their lives.

Dr. Umar further said that it is the right time that people should understand the severity of the conditions and must start following the SOPs otherwise the situation may worsen. It is observed that not only markets but also in hospitals, people are not following the SOPs, which is quite alarming.

There has been a shortage of ventilators and PPEs right from the start of the pandemic in Pakistan and the situation is still the same. Patients are drastically increasing but no proper system to arrange necessary facilities has been made yet. The government seemed perplexed of such conditions but it seems that they are not even trying to control the situation.

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