Imran Khan says coronavirus cases yet to peak in Pak, warns of ‘very difficult time’ ahead

Imran Khan coronavirus peak

Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the whole country of a very difficult time ahead as cases of coronavirus may peak by the end of July or at the start of August.

On Monday, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that a peak of coronavirus cases is expected to hit the whole country by the end of July or at the start of August. It was a warning from him of an extremely difficult time ahead. This prediction has made due to the present condition of cases that are increasing day by day and have reached 120k.

Till now 120,000 cases have detected and 2,356 have died while only 38,391 have been recovered so far. In just 24 hours 5,834 news cases are reported and 101 people die.

The government has appealed to the citizen of the whole country to follow standard operating procedures and the Prime Minister said that ignorance towards SOPs can lead to extreme harm across Pakistan. He said “In the United States, the lockdown was lifted despite 100,000 deaths,” he also said the lockdown is never the solution to the pandemic and it can only slow down the spread of the virus.

“Likewise, our struggle is to open things with SOPs. Our priority is that the peak comes slowly so that our healthcare does not collapse so that our hospitals do not face pressure as the peak is inevitable.”

Calculations say that the peak is likely to come by the end of July or at the start of August, PM said. He also said that resuming businesses was necessary but following precautionary measures are mandatory.

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