How Flea markets can drive most COVID-19 spread

Flea markets COVID-19

Landa bazars (Flea markets) have become a big threat as articles being sold in Pakistan are imported from highly hit Covid-19 countries.

Flea markets have been highly supportive markets for the poor of the country, especially in winters. In Lahore, there are many Lunda bazaars where old/used dresses and shoes are sold but the biggest of all is situated at Lolakha Chowk, near Haji camp where used shirts, trousers, coats, and shoes are easily available.

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People not only from the city but also from the suburb areas are found, purchasing the dresses and shoes of their choice. This practice has been in vogue for a long but this time, things are different.

The shopkeepers of Lunda bazars recently took the stand on raising prices of their articles that due to the coronavirus, a lesser quantity of used dresses and shoes has been imported from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

The major part of items which are being sold at Lahore Lunda bazars consists of either old stock, already existing with these shopkeepers or such which has been purchased from the big whole sellers of Karachi. The rise in prices of the items of Lunda bazaar this year is around 30% to 40%.

The dresses and shoes in Flea markets are imported from those countries which have been suffering from the high intensity of the COVID-19. The buyers in Lunda Bazars touch these articles and if they are successful in bargaining, they take the article to homes and start using them usually without washing these articles or if these dresses are washed even then it is normal washing.

To ensure safety from coronavirus, it is required that articles purchased from Lunda Bazars to be washed with warm water and after washing, these dresses must be dried in sunlight before wearing. If these precautionary measures are not taken, it is apprehended that Lunda bazars could be one of the big sources of spreading coronavirus in Pakistan.

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