Major markets sealed in Karachi and Rawalpindi after people flouted SOPs

Major markets

After the reopening of lockdown on the 49th day starting from 11th May, shoppers in Rawalpindi and Karachi flocked out flouting social distancing SOPs. It made the officials more worrisome when Pakistan also start noticing a record increase in Coronavirus daily infections.

This has led the provincial officials to seal several major markets in Rawalpindi and Karachi for not following government issues guidelines of mandatory mask wearing, the use of hand sanitizers, and observing social distancing.

In Karachi, Police sealed the entry and exits points of Zainab Market, Victoria Market, Madina City and International Market in Saddar, Gul Plaza and Al Haram Centre in Garden and Jillani Centre in Arambagh.

In Rawalpindi, the district administration sealed 11 major markets and prominent shopping centers in the last 24 hours for violating SOPs. Most people in the market in Rawalpindi after Monday have been observed violating government SOPs. People have gathered in flocked form without wearing masks. Such acts have more chances of spreading COVID-19.

The government of Pakistan reopened all small businesses and all public or private offices on Monday as it was deemed important to restart the economic activities of the country. Whereas, all educational institutions, dine-in-restaurants, large shopping malls, hotels, wedding halls, cinema, and marquees are still closed by the order of government. All sorts of congregations, public processions, concerts, all sports events, etc are also prohibited.

As transportation in major cities remains closed, the metro bus service has also been suspended. The government of Punjab issued the directive to reopen all the businesses that include all shopping malls for 4 days a week, implementing standard operating procedures and guidelines.

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