Honda Atlas increases prices for entire lineup for third time in 6 months

Honda Atlas prices

The latest price hike came from Honda Atlas in which company increased the prices of its entire lineup from RS 60,000 to 100,000 citing devaluation of rupee against dollar.

The auto industry is at its worst phase as companies are phasing a downtime in sales and production due to COVID-19 pandemic and as a result auto companies of Pakistan saw drop in revenues. Instead of finding a balance to counter the situation, all the auto dominant companies in Pakistan went for the price hike.

According to Honda Atlas the change in prices came after forex fluctuation and company unable to absorb all the impact and hence decided to transfer its burden to its consumers. The revised prices will commence from 10th of August 2020.

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The revised prices of entire Honda Atlas variants

Honda Civic Turbo RS variant with a price increase of RS 100,000 and currently available at RS 4,699,000. The old price of Civic Turbo RS was RS 4,599,000. Honda Civic Turbo Oriel old price was RS 4,349,000 and with the increase of RS 100,000 the new price of Honda Civic Turbo Oriel is RS 4,449,000.

The BR-V Manual also sees an increase price of RS 80,000, And now will be available to grab in RS 3,159,000. Honda BR-V CVT Automatic price also increased by RS 80,000. The new price of the variant is RS 3,479,000 while Honda BR-V S CVT Automatic old price was RS 3,399,000 and new price is RS 3,479,000, the variant sees an increase of RS 80,000.

Honda 1.8 VT SR CVT Automatic new price is RS 3,979,000. The variant sees an increase of RS 80,000 while Honda 1.8 VTI CVT Automatic old price was RS 3,649,000 and updates price is RS 3,729,000.

According to Honda Atlas new prices, Honda City Aspire 1.5 Manual price increase to RS 2,699,000 which sees an increase of RS 70,000 while Honda City 1.5 Aspire Automatic revised price is RS 2,859,000, the old price was RS 2,789,000.

Honda City 1.5 Manual old price was RS 2,459,000 which increases to RS 2,529,000 and Honda City 1.5 Auto will be selling at RS 2,699,000. This variant sees an increase of RS 70,000.

City 1.3 Manual price is also increased by RS 60,000. The old price of Honda City 1.3 Manual was RS 2,389,000 and revised price is RS 2,449,000. Meanwhile, Honda City 1.3 Automatic is now available at RS 2,639.000 after an increase of RS 65,000.

It is understandable the prices need to be changed according to forex situation but providing enhancement in product and quality is also a duty of manufacturer. Pakistanis are already paying too much for less features. For example, the world is getting the 7th generation Honda City model but in Pakistan we are still at 2nd generation after 10 years.

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