Pakistan Dismisses US Concerns Over Alleged Human Rights Violations; Expresses Discontent Over India’s ‘Akhand Bharat’ Mural

Pakistan Dismisses US Concerns Over Alleged Human Rights Violations; Expresses Discontent Over India's 'Akhand Bharat' Mural

Pakistan’s Foreign Office dismissed concerns voiced by multiple United States legislators over potential human rights abuses in the wake of mass arrests following a violent assault on military sites and other state institutions. 

A coalition of 65-plus members from the US Congress formally addressed their apprehensions to the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, calling on Pakistan to uphold its commitment to human rights. Bob Mendez, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, previously echoed these worries. 

Responding to these assertions, Foreign Office Representative Mumtaz Zahra Baloch expressed her disagreement with the portrayal of events transpiring around May 9 and the current situation in Pakistan. 

She referred to the National Security Committee’s statement which provided a factual representation of the events of May 9. “Pakistan is perfectly equipped to manage domestic issues in line with our legislation and our Constitution,” she outlined. 

Baloch further elaborated: “We are fully aware of our constitutional responsibility to safeguard the rights and possessions of all our citizens. Our dedication to adhering to national law, maintaining public peace, respecting the Constitution, democratic traditions, and human rights principles is unwavering. These fundamental rights and freedoms are guaranteed by our judiciary.” 

Additionally, the spokesperson acknowledged the reports about a mural unveiled at the newly constructed parliament building in New Delhi. She articulated her disapproval of the mural depicting a version of ancient India that includes regions now belonging to Pakistan and other regional nations. Baloch expressed her dismay at the linkage of the mural with ‘Akhand Bharat’ (Unified greater India) by BJP politicians, including a Union Minister. 

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She further stated, “This ‘Akhand Bharat’ assertion is a reflection of a revisionist and expansionist mindset that threatens not only the identities and cultures of India’s neighbouring countries but its own religious minorities as well.” 

Baloch went on to express serious concern about the increasing endorsement of the ‘Akhand Bharat’ concept by figures from India’s governing party. 

She concluded, “Indian politicians would do well to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric against other nations that serves only their divisive and insular political interests. India ought to focus on resolving disputes with its neighbours and collaborate towards a peaceful and prosperous South Asia, instead of harbouring hegemonic and expansionist aspirations.” 

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