HEC issues warning on unrecognized institutions for students

unrecognized institutions

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued an alert to parents and students to stay alert of “unrecognized” acquisition institutions, comprising universities and their campuses fruitful in Pakistan. 

According to the notification published by the Commission in this regard, the students have been warned, “not to waste their time and money by enrolling in unauthorized degree programmes, such as the two-year BA/BSc or MA/MSc programmes.” 

Besides this, HEC further assembled lists of recognized institutions, universities, recognized campuses of public and backstage institutions, and recognized overseas collaboration institutions for the payment of students. It has also informed students about the list of illegal/fake unrecognized institutions. 

“The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan recognizes degrees of accredited universities/institutions from nationalist and backstage assemblage successful Pakistan on with their approved campuses arsenic mentioned connected HEC website,” HEC made a statement to social media August 30. 

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Moreover, the HEC directed students and their parents to “check and verify the status of university/institution and its campus” from the lists existing on the education commission’s website. 

The HEC intensely warned students not to take admission in those institutions which do not exist on the HEC website. 

If students get admitted to obscure institutions, HEC will not recognize their issued degrees, warned the education commission. 

The HEC particularly declared the Islamic University of Pakistan, Sialkot to be among unrecognized educational institutions. “It is hereby notified for the consciousness of the wide nationalist that Muslim University of Pakistan, Sialkot is simply a non-chartered and unrecognized university. Hence, its sanction is included successful the database of illegal/fake institutions disposable connected HEC website,” HEC stated. 

The Higher Education Commission is a legal organization made by the government of Pakistan which was recognized in 2002 under the Chairmanship of Atta-ur-Rahman. Its headquarter is in Islamabad and has an annual budget of Rs. 102.4 million. Funding, regulating, overseeing, and accrediting the higher education institutions in the country, are its major functions. 

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