Gwadar to become a major logistic hub in region within five years


Gwadar, a significant constituent of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be developed the logistics hub in the area in five years, Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), Zhang Baozhong has stated. 

“According to our plan, Gwadar would become the logistic hub in this region within five years,” Zhang Baozhong expressed China Economic Net (CEN) when revising the 5-year-journey of Gwadar. 

According to the proposal, the Free Zone will be fully developed, above 30,000 people will be directly hired by the free zone stockholders, approximately $10 billion GDP will be added to the economy of Pakistan. The living standards of local people will be dramatically improved or changed due to this economic development; more schools, hotels, and medical facilities will be created, moreover, water and electrical disputes will be completely tackled. 

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Zhang summoned many companies to invest in the glowing future of Gwadar. “Gwadar will become one of the attractive cities in the world-a dreamland for human beings.” 

“The third one is agriculture,” Zhang said. The land in Pakistan is bountiful and productive but unluckily, it was not used properly. “We hope some investor can join the local community to develop the land properly and increase the yield of production.” 

Moreover, Zhang remarked, “I believe that Gwadar will be a new economic hub of this region, and it will play important roles in the development of south Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even Middle Asian countries.” 

Additionally, an oil refinery is also to be developed as numerous plants rely on the availability of gas, LPG, or LNG. As Gwadar is adjacent to oil-producing countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia, so the raw materials can reach the port without any difficulty. 

This industry will not only benefit Gwadar port itself but also relieve Pakistan accomplish a steady supply of important industrial materials. 

While recalling his experiences, he said, stepping on Gwadar for the first time, “I thought I was on Mars. It was 2016, not many activities, not many people, not much traffic could be seen in the dusty Gwadar. The whole city was without any environment for doing business.” 

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