Gunmen kill 22 students, injure more in terrorist attack on Kabul University

Kabul University

According to an eye witness sources of the Kabul attack, the gunmen attacked Kabul University campus and killed at least 22 students while trading fire with the security forces.

The attackers were aiming students and directly shooting at them leaving boys and girls in pools of blood in their classrooms as others fled in the capital of Afghanistan, one witness said.

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However, the Taliban were among the first to condemn the gruesome attack on the Kabul University and claimed that none of their fighters were involved in the assault. Several hours later, the attack was claimed by the ISIS-Khorasan Province group.

“They were shooting at every student they saw,” Fathullah Moradi told an international news agency.

He further said that he succeeded to escape by using one of the university’s gate along with a group of friends.

According to the witness, the attack was followed by an explosion in the area.

Hamid Obaidi, spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education, told AFP the attack started when government officials were arriving for the opening of an Iranian book fair organised on campus.

According to the Afghan’s Interior Ministry spokesperson Tariq Arian, several assailants had arrived in the university campus and started firing toward security forces. During the brawl at least 15 police were injured.

Stefano Pontecorvo the NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan also condemned the Kabul university attack.

“This is the second attack on educational institutions in Kabul in 10 days. Afghan children & youth need to feel safe going to school,” he said in a statement.

President Ashraf Ghani called the attack “despicable act of terror” and announced a national day of mourning to honour the victims.

Last month, the other Kabul education was also under attack in which 24 people were killed and majority of them were students.

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