GPS malfunctions could spell disaster at Lahore airport

GPS malfunctions could spell disaster at Lahore airport

Multiple pilots have reported disruptions in GPS signals at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Airport, raising serious questions about the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) seriousness about passenger safety once again.

In the aviation industry, GPS technology is extremely important. It is used to determine the precise position of a plane during all phases of flight. In the event that GPS signals are disrupted, pilots may make incorrect landing calculations.

Several pilots have complained that GPS signals are being lost about 150 nautical miles from the airport, causing serious difficulties in landing safely.

Seven aircraft have reported the same issue in the last few days. On December 8, a flight from Abu Dhabi was the most recent to experience GPS signal disruption.

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Pilots from both domestic and international airlines have filed a complaint with the CAA, requesting that the agency take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Last week, the CAA released data for all airports in the country regarding bird strike incidents, revealing that Lahore airport is the most dangerous in terms of bird strikes.

According to CAA statistics, 111 bird strike incidents were reported from June to November 2022, 35 of which occurred at Lahore airport.

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