Kotli Sattian

Govt to make Kotli Sattian new tourist spot

Kotli Sattian

The government of Pakistan is planning to make Kotli Sattian a tourist destination, will reduce the overcrowding in Murree, revealed Sadaqat Ali Abbasi. 

According to MNA Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, the country is surveying new plans to make Kotli Sattian a tourist destination. He said that tourism highway leading to Kotli Sattian from Lower Topa, Murree, to Chowk Pindori via Bostanabad has also been added to the developmental pipeline in the near-term projects. The concerned authorities will submit a detailed proposal in the upcoming weeks in this regard.  

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Abbasi said that through tourism, the living standards of the residents could also be uplifted and they could get opportunities to earn their livelihood in their native area. He added that the most important thing for the promotion of tourism is to provide easy access to these places. 

Kotli Sattian to Rival Murree as a Tourist Destination

As per sources, the Commissioner Office stated that Kotli Sattian will be developed as an alternative to Murree, he further said that the provincial government is planning numerous strategies to help identify tourism sites in the region. 

He also mentioned that an alternative hill station is being constructed as a fail-safe load reduction strategy to reduce traffic problems in the area. Roads, greenbelts, and sitting spots will be developed, and forest protection guidelines will be circulated across the region in due time.   

The Commissioner’s Office added that the century-old forest treehouse that had been built during the dying years of the British Raj will also be renovated to add more color and beauty to the region. 

After the completion of these projects in the region, tourists will be able to travel to Kotli Sattian from Islamabad-Rawalpindi within an hour, thus making it more suitable and economically worthwhile to visit rather than travelling to a highly crowded Murree during the vacations. 

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