Govt to form focus group to help Pakistani sellers on Amazon

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The National E-Commerce Council will convene a focus panel of professionals to discuss the obstacles to Amazon being a competitive global marketplace for Pakistani goods.

Consumers will not be able to buy anything from the e-commerce site, so the platform will only help Pakistanis who want to sell their local goods abroad. A model similar to this exists in China, Indonesia, and other regions.

As per Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment, there are numerous challenges to e-commerce in Pakistan, including logistics and warehousing. The focus group’s job will be to hold monthly meetings to discuss these Amazon related issues.

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Dawood said that Amazon would enable Pakistani exporters to sell their products, thereby boosting the country’s export sector.

“Thousands of jobs will be developed, as well as entrepreneurship opportunities. Our ideology is to encourage Pakistani manufacturing. I’d like to express my gratitude to all of my coworkers who assisted us in reaching this milestone,” he said.

He stressed the importance of private-sector logistics companies functioning optimally.

“Logistics is a significant obstacle. We’re working on it right now. “Pakistan Post is also pursuing automation and planning for parcel deliveries,” he said.

Standardization, according to Dawood, would be another obstacle in ensuring that sellers meet buyers’ demands efficiently. He went on to say that Amazon has an internal quality control system in place, and that if a customer has a complaint, the seller will be held accountable.

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