Govt decides to allow more examination boards for madrasas

examination boards madrasas

At present, there are five boards under which the examinations of the students of these religious institutions (Madrasas) are held. Keeping in view the increasing number of madrasas, the government has decided to allow more such examination boards in the country.

The government of Pakistan has taken a big step regarding bringing the religious institutions to the main streamline of the country. According to the details, the newly established board of examination will have to qualify certain conditions.

The Board must comprise at least a minimum of five Muftis, Sheikh-ul Hadith, and Madras head with at least 10 years of experience and the list of at least 10% of the madrasas under it can apply to the Ministry of Education for registration.  

The details, regarding the location of the board office, including the number of rooms and particulars of staff, the aims and objective of the institution, its constitution, syllabus, bank account, names of the members of the central executive committee or Shura will also have to be provided to the ministry of education.

The institutions having a university charter or affiliate to a public sector university will be allowed to form a federation. In such cases, the team of the ministry will visit the new federation and its affiliate institutions and submit its report.

Details of the affiliated university or universities will have to be provided along with the details of a minimum of 10 scholars affiliated with the board, the certificate to be issued by the institution, admission form, minutes of the executive committee’s meeting, and the procedure and description of the examination system.

The examination boards of madrasas will also have to ensure, not to be involved directly or indirectly in any kind of political or illegal activity.

Moreover, no political figure will be allowed to be part of the board in any way. The Madrasas will be independent as far as their curriculum, examination system, organizational, internal, and financial affairs are concerned. These religious institutions will have to submit the annual audit report by Muharram, 30.

According to the sources of the ministry, the registration of all madrasas and universities affiliated to the federation as an educational institution will be mandatory. The foreign students will also be eligible for taking admission to these institutions.

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