Government lifts ban on import of raw materials, pet food and energy savers

pet food energy savers

According to a notification from the Ministry of Commerce, the federal government lifted the restrictions on the import of raw materials, intermediate goods and machinery for the industrial sector and other commodities, including pet food and energy savers, on Saturday. 

The Pakistani government has stated that SRO 598, which prohibits the import of luxury goods, does not apply to inbound shipments of energy savers and some animal feed preparation materials. However, the importation of dog and cat food for retail purposes is still prohibited. 

The Ministry of Commerce further clarified that the SRO 598(1)/2022 does not apply to items for which an Airway Bill was issued previous to the release of the aforementioned SRO, which occurred on May 19. 

Imports of pet food and energy savers have been spared from the ban, according to it. 

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It also approved the lifting of an import prohibition on materials used in the manufacturing of animal feed, however inbound supplies of cat and dog food remain halted. 

The SRO was published in response to citizen objections and some irregularities that occur as a consequence of its deployment. 

It stated, “It is shared for information and immediate compliance.” 

The Ministry of Commerce banned the import of 38 products on May 19 in order to limit a skyrocketing import bill and encourage the local currency’s appreciation. 

SRO598 was issued by the Ministry of Commerce to alter the Import Policy Order. In 33 categories, it included 800 Pakistan Customs Tariff (PCT) heads of prohibited commodities. 

Mobile phones CBU, household appliances, cosmetics, crockery, pet food, private weapons and ammunition, shoes, chandeliers and lights, headphones and loudspeakers, and other items were also banned, according to the list. 

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