Government decides to limit HEC powers

Government decides to limit HEC powers

Federal government has decided to limit the powers of Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Cabinet committee for legislation has given approval for the amendments in the HEC law. It has been proposed that status of federal minister will be taken away from Chairman of HEC.

The laws of HEC will be approved by the ministry of education while the executive director of the HEC will be appointed by the government.

The amendments will be presented before the federal cabinet for final approval, as reported by sources.

On December 4, Higher education commission invited, students, alumni, faculty member, or researchers from universities to come up with innovative start ups owned by them and are welcomed to apply for grants.

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This is an initiative to encourage new start ups and innovators are provided with platform to get the opportunity to get a grant for their innovations. This would enhance the research and study environment in Pakistan. For this purpose innovator, Seed Fund grant is a flagship initiative of the commission under the Higher Education Development in Pakistan Project (HEDP).

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