Google Meet Rolls Out 1080p Video Calls, Catching Up with Competitors Zoom and Teams

google meet

Google Meet has introduced 1080p resolution on its video calls as it strives to compete with other video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. While Zoom and Microsoft Teams already offer HD video resolutions, this new update from Google Meet is currently only available for the web and is limited to two-person meetings. 

To access this new feature, users will need a camera with 1080p capabilities, and the update is available for paid Google Meet versions and Google One subscribers with at least 2TB of storage. However, users will have to manually upgrade their Google Meet, as the feature has not been turned on by default. A pop-up from the change button will inform users that they can now let people see them in HD. 

This new update is part of Google’s efforts to improve the user experience and compete with other video conferencing platforms. In addition to the 1080p resolution, Google Meet has also introduced new emoji reactions and automatic transcriptions to enhance the user experience. 

As remote work and online meetings continue to be the norm, video conferencing platforms are in high demand, and competition between them is fierce. With this new update, Google Meet aims to keep up with its competitors and provide its users with a better experience. 

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