‘Gillaa’ – Digital portal to lodge complaint against any private company in Pakistan

Gillaa complaint

Resolving complaints for customer retention has been always a top priority for multinational organizations but there are some private companies who do not follow up with the customers complaints and hence losses potential customers. In order to improve the overall customer experience in the private sector of the Pakistani market, an online complaint platform named Gillaa has been launched.

The main purpose behind this initiative is to close the gap between the consumers and private entities primarily with complaint resolutions.
Through the portal, Pakistanis can share their complaints against specific organizations and companies are also provided an equal ground to resolve the matter and convert an unsatisfied customer into a happy customer.

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Anyone can register on the portal to post complaints regarding any private company located in Pakistan. Each complaint is evaluated by the team and after approval, it appears on the portal and Gillaa team also will share the complaint with concerned companies for early resolution of the complaint.

The creator of Harun Khan said, “I believe, concentrating on the consumer experience is more significant than issues like quality and price, and with the launching of this platform both company and consumer can achieve an improved consumer experience”.

The gillaa system is unique in functions which include a smart algorithm that’s based on how rapidly a company answers, produce scorecard, which helps companies to respond to inquiries in a quick way.

The system is a stimulating add-on for the local tech scene with a prodigious objective of refining customer care and also motivating organizations to accommodate complaints in a more well-organized way and improve companies scorecard. is free to sign up and a user-friendly platform to use. The users can see updates via their dashboard on the portal and can check whether the complaint has been accepted, resolved or replied to their complaint.

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