German gas stations will have to provide electric car charging under new rules

Electric vehicle

Germany with a little amendment in the current law will have to provide an electric car charging facility for electric vehicles in German gas stations. The country offered €130 billion coronavirus package, apart from the huge package announced, the government is also increasing its subsidiary for electric vehicles from €3,000 to €6,000 which will be applicable where the electric car costs less than €40,000.

By seeing these bonuses (direct subsidiary+package) from the government it will be a very positive step for the electric car industry in the country where the world’s leading automakers have assembled their headquarters.

The concept of the electric car is not selling at the moment as only 2 percent of the cars are being sold in Germany whereas diesel vehicles have 32 percent share and those vehicles which use petrol are at 59.2 percent. There are multiple reasons why only 2 percent of electric cars are being sold in the German market.

One reason which is very understandable is the range options. The electric car no doubt is good for the environment but it does not have enough features or model range which may attract the buyers. And the second reason is the charging options; people are concerned about car charging facilities. What if we are riding a car and charging goes out while on the road. So that’s why there is a change in the law that applies to all German gas stations and will help boost the sale.

Germany needs at least 70,000 car charging stations in order to increase the electric market. In Germany Daimler, VW and BMW have their headquarters at the moment and spending huge in electric vehicles. Tesla is also working to step into the German market by establishing a factory in Berlin’s surroundings.

Germany is not the only one who gave the subsidiary in order to boost the electric vehicle market, France also gave up to €12,000 in subsidiary to boost the electric car sale.

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