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Fruit, vegetable prices surge as shopkeepers ignore govt rates

Fruit vegetable rates

The rates of fruit and vegetable have skyrocketed, despite the fact that government rates are forwarded to the shopkeepers on daily basis but the shopkeepers do not pay heed to the government rates list. For instance, the government rate of tomato is Rs.70/kg but in the market, the same is being sold at the price of Rs 100 to 120/kg.

The government rate of potatoes is Rs 70/kg but it is being sold at Rs 80 to Rs 100/kg. Ginger is to be sold at the price of Rs 450/kg under the instructions of government departments but it is available at Rs 600/kg. The rate of peas is Rs 200/kg but it is being sold at Rs 250 to Rs 300/kg. The rates of the bananas have been fixed at Rs 90/dozen while the bananas are being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 300/kg.

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It is surprising why the concerned government departments do not take action against the clear violations of their instructions. The violation of the prices of fruits and vegetables is not confined to Peshawar only, it is the case with all the cities of the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in the last cabinet meeting that he was determined to bring the rates of farm goods, fruit and vegetable down. This is not the first time when the prime minister has shown his determination to control the prices of commodities in Pakistan, he has talked about it a number of times.

This is perhaps the first time in the history of Pakistan that poverty and prices are increasing simultaneously but no signs of controlling both are to be seen.

In research, conducted by a renowned institution, it has been propounded that the trend of price hike is the highest in Pakistan as compared to the other South Asian countries.

In Pakistan, the rate of price hike is 9%, it is 7.34% in India, it is 5.97% in Bangladesh and the rate of price hike is 4.1% in Srilanka. The rate of the floor is Rs 68/kg in Pakistan, it is Rs 28 in India, it is Taka 41 in Bangladesh and it is Sri Lankan Rs 93 in Sri Lanka. The rate of onion is Rs 80/kg in Pakistan, It is Rs 50/kg in India, It is Taka 40/kg in Bangladesh and it is Srilankan Rs 40/kg in Srilanka.

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