From depression to Covid-19, Sheheryar Munawar reflects on his 2020

Sheheryar Munawar

As 2020 comes to an end, heartthrob Sheheryar Munawar reflected upon the year it has been and shared the experience with his fans and followers.

Posting a picture from his latest ad shoot, the actor wrote, “It’s not special because it’s a shirtless shot; it’s special because for me it’s a celebration of this year’s personal journey. A few months back, life came to a standstill and being a workaholic, the stagnation took a huge toll on me emotionally.” Sheheryar shared he also suffered severe depression, but “won’t go into the details of it.”

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The actor also revealed he was tested positive for Covid-19 as well and had to go into isolation. “A few weeks out of that terrible experience, I got into a motorbike accident and had to undergo surgery,” he penned. 

He added, “Mobility was completely restricted and relying on others to help me do the most basic tasks was emotionally traumatic, to say the least. I was on strong meds and was eating the weight of my emotions in carbs. Confidence was completely shattered and it felt as if I’d hit rock bottom.”

The Parey Hut Love star further divulged that even after the recovery, his worries were far from over. “I had strict restrictions on body movements and I’m still not allowed to lift weights. I hadn’t worked in a long time and I had bills/salaries to pay, was in no shape, both physically or mentally, to go in front of the camera.”

Sheheryar Munawar one day decided to fight back. “I worked with a trainer to develop workouts that would involve more focus based exercises without weights. I started eating healthier, forced myself to fix my sleep cycle, started meditating, mustered up the courage to speak to a therapist, actively worked on having a positive outlook on life (reading and research really helped) and basically went on a lifestyle change/detox.

He also expressed gratitude to his friends and family as well. “Alhumdulillah, I’m grateful to my family and friends who supported me through my journey of recovery, however, most of all it has been my faith in the love the Almighty has for all His beings that kept me going.”

“It’s taking a lot of courage out of me to be able to share the second picture with all of you. I want to do it to let you all know that we’re all in it together. We all go through highs and lows and we’re all vulnerable. Not sometime today, not tomorrow, not the day after, NOW is the time to change your outlook. Tell yourself nothing is impossible. Because nothing is,” he concluded.

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